Silly Invasion 1.0

Silly Invasion 1.0: Silly Invasion is a fiery shooting game with a sense of humor. Silly Invasion is an improvised version of space invaders, with boss scenarios and great cartoon.Right in the middle between complicated arcade shooting games and the good old-fashioned space invaders, you will find Silly Invasion, a monster shooting game with delightful graphics. The horizontal crab-like movements of the monsters reminds you of space invaders, but this game is more than just plain shooting at a formation. You have to be careful

Silly balls 1.2: Beat the falling balls. Kick the ball far and then kick it again.
Silly balls 1.2

Silly Balls is played on a field with four sliders arranged on the top, bottom, left, and right sides of the screen. Balls are rolled towards the center, and the player tries to kick the ball with the bat. If a ball misses the bat, the bat falls down. You should not miss a ball, or you lose a bat. For every 100 balls successfully kicked you get an additional bat. In the kid-mode balls are rolled from only two sliders. For each kicked ball you receive

freware, balls, silly, bonus, reaction, skill, free, fall, speed, game, action, ball, life

Amoeball Cute and silly game with smooth animations. Short rounds, for 1 or 2 players!

Cute and silly arcade game where one demented amoeba has to chase another, absorb balls and fiercely spit them into the opponent. Simple controls, colorful graphics, squishy physics, and short, hot rounds define the gameplay. You can play yourself against computer, or compete against another person on the same machine (sharing the keyboard or using a joypad). Several weirdly funny characters, as well as a few levels are there for your enjoyment.

silly, cute, casual, physics, arcade

When Clones Attack! 1.04: A fun (and very silly) freeware shoot`em`up.
When Clones Attack! 1.04

A fun (and very silly) freeware shoot`em`up. Defend the galaxy from an ever-increasing army of invading clones.

clones, action, star wars, arcade

Animated Coloring 1.0: A coloring book program that uses sound and silly animation.
Animated Coloring 1.0

A coloring book program that uses sound and animation. The child can choose from over 1000 colors or have the program pick a color for them each time they color. The colors can be animated with a color cycle. If the child wishes, the program will color the picture for them. At any time, the child can choose to have the picture become a full screen silly animation with sound which they can watch over and over again.

coloring book, flix, children, pictures, animation, coloring

Car Bomb For Aliens 1: You have to blow up an army vehicle in a way to bring down some aliens.
Car Bomb For Aliens 1

You have never played a game that would come close to the excitement of this one. The idea behind it is quite simple. You have to blow up an army vehicle in a way to bring down some silly looking alien clouds. But you have to bring them down all in one single blast. You have to blow your vehicle in the air so it will fall on those aliens and kill them. If you miss one, well no points for you.

aliens, strategy, game

Barrel Pushups 1.0: Do as many push-ups as you can!
Barrel Pushups 1.0

Men like to do silly things. This has to be one of the silliest ones. You are standing on your arms on top of the beer barrel. There are your friends cheering you up to do as many push-ups as you can. Well the first one shouldn`t be to hard to master. But with every next push-up you make, your arms get weaker and your will become troubles keeping your balance.

barrel pushups, sport games, sports games, free sports games, sport game

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